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Centor Screens - for doors or windows

Screen Openings up to 3m high and 7.4m wide

The S1 screening system from Centor Architectural offers a new generation of style and technology for screening large openings. Offering a choice of opening positions, custom colours or real wood veneers, the screen is operated with fingertip control to magically disappear when not in use. Designed for openings up to 3 metres high and 7.4 metres wide, this world class screening solution means there's now no need to compromise on unrestricted movement or uninterrupted views while eliminating annoying pests.

Used singly or in pairs Centor's S1 screen systems are ready for action as soon as the temperature starts to rise. At cooler times of the year, they can be rolled back disappearing into the frame and out of view. As such, they're a revolutionary defence against insects in buildings where aesthetics are also a priority.

French Doors
With single screen units accommodating large openings, the S1 screen is an ideal solution for screening even the largest French doors, all with a single completely retractable screen that operates with fingertip ease.

Bifold Doors
The Centor name remains synonymous with bifold door openings and the S1 screen is ideally suited to use with the full range of Centor bifold systems

Banks of casement, double hung and bifold windows are all ideal applications for the S1 screening solution. So easy to operate and virtually unnoticeable when retracted. S1 complements the architecture of the widest variety of homes and commercial premises.

Sliding Doors
Large sliding doors and stacker doors are an ideal application for Centor's S1 screen. Most door openings can be covered by a single screen unit, and it would be a very large opening indeed that would not be accommodated effortlessly by an S1 double unit.


Considered Design
The considered design of Centor's S1 door screen system means it complements a range of environments. Available in custom colours and finishes, the screen and its hardware are integrated into the door frame itself, without interfering with the opening.

Load Balancing Technology
Load Balancing Technology (LBT ) (patent pending) delivers the effortless fingertip control that has become synonymous with Centor systems. With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the screen's lead-stile remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Load-balancing also achieves far greater mesh tension, keeping the screen taut and clear.

Tight Technology

Tight Technology manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans.

Shock Absorption
A shock absorption system means anyone taken in by the screen's near invisibility will walk away with nothing more than a surprise and no damage to the screen.

Self-feeding Mechanism

Should impact or strong winds remove the screen out of the top or bottom channels, the mesh will self-feed back onto the roll as it is rolled away.

In developing the S1 screen, Centor’s designers have catered for anything that modern life might throw at this sturdy product.

S1 is manufactured in stainless steel and reinforced
engineering polymers. PetScreen Lite, the tough
PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen, is hard
wearing and resistant to damage from pets and children.
The mesh is easy to clean and can be replaced
(service call required).

The S1 screen system has undergone cyclic testing to 400,000 operations in a laboratory and been extensively exposed to dust, mud, sand and corrosive atmosphere to ensure it is a product for the real world. It has stood upto impact testing with a 17kg punching bag 100 times, wind testing to 20kph and considerable pushing, poking and prodding to simulate real life usage.

Screen Maintenance
Screen fabric should be cleaned with a soft brush or a damp, soft cloth.

Tracking should be regularly cleaned to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. A vacuum cleaner fitted with a nozzle is effective.

Operating mechanisms are fully self contained and do not
require maintenance other then keeping clear of dirt and debris.

Centor Architectural offers a 5 year limited warranty on its
S1 Screen.

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