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Question: Why the need Tie back Vertical Blinds?


It offers an unquestionable extra step in providing safety in the room for young children and pets.

Personal choice. For years curtains have been tied back so why not vertical blinds.

It's an alternative, personalised neat look for window settings.

There is a damage and nuisance limitation factor especially where there are open windows and doors

It's all about more choice and making the most of a view. Calling all bird watchers.

It's a stylish finishing touch, you wouldn�t want to be without.

It's affordable, simple and easy to fit.

The Products

Our products are high strength , high grade, U.V. resistant, tried and tested. They are unique, patented, and award winning. As vertical blinds are used in two applications, i.e. inside a recess or face fixing( no recess) We have two options as follows:

LVT 1 inside a recess

Specification: The Louvretie, 4.25 inch in length, 0.78in width. Suitable for both 3.5 and 5 inch blinds holding up to 30 blind panels.

LVT2 No Recess

Specification: Louvreties with mounting plates. Tiebacks (4.25inch in length, 0.78in width). Mounting plates 1.57in x 1.37in.

We also provide a larger Tie back with an extra safety feature.

LVT3 Cord Safe

A large single tieback 5.25 inch in length, 1.37 in wide that includes a compartment to house the pulley cords for extra safety. The louvretie cord safe is intended for use with the largest verticals that consist of 30 or more vanes.

The Louvretie has been sold in Australia, The United
States and various other countries. Its soon to become
a feature in a popular nationwide catalogue and has appeared in top trade publications such as Blinds and Shutters and Interior Design Today.

This minimalist yet stylish Vertical blind is used in a huge variety of private and public dwellings. Consider the louvretie when purchasing, selling or fitting vertical window blinds.

The Small Print.
The idea for “louvreties”, started 15 years ago when the Grandmother of Inventor David Howarth had a new set of vertical blinds fitted in her conservatory. After asking the fitter if there was anything to tie them back to stop them blowing around when the door was open, a hook and string tie was suggested. Something was clearly needed that would look neat and not harm the fabric. That eureka moment came, “A Blind Tieback”. From the first pair of metal tiebacks made in the garage, a small batch was then manufactured as an engineering project at college. It became clear that a more suitable material was required and that led to the design of the products available today. “ It is a continually rewarding learning curve. From literally a sketch on a notepad, to learning about Intellectual property, manufacturing, marketing, and all aspects of business all be it on a small scale, I feel very fortunate to have seen the project get off the ground, and however success may be measured I feel proud to have done my best with the resources I had and not rushed things, then also to have had the chance to work with some very professional and experienced people. There have been a catalogue of setbacks but its all part of the process.

David is currently completing his final year as a Practising Music student. Whilst studying he is trying to turn the project venture in to a full time business, and realise the products full potential. "There is a fine line between a project/interest/hobby and a business or career. At what point does it change?, That's what I am interested in and perhaps it holds no sway (pardon the pun) as to how you describe it as long as you deliver".

The Service

Our products are available in any quantity there are no minimum or maximum batches. We can package them for display, or send any combination you like without. A clear version of LVT1 and 2 is available at the same cost and it would possible to provide other colours if required.




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