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The SKYShades Solarbrella � a simple
(but ingenious) lifestyle innovation that outshines all other types of umbrellas. SKYShades - a pioneer in the field of solar tension fabric membrane structures is consistently delivering innovation and shade solutions with precision engineering and reliable consistency...

Throughout the world, people are moving outdoors more and more to enjoy an al-fresco lifestyle � Solarbrella is the perfect accessory. It is available in a Fixed or Retractable Umbrella System.

Providing shade protection, atmosphere and ambience - these expansive, contemporary designs are ideal for entertainment areas around pools, gardens, courtyards, public spaces, cafes and restaurants.

A direct result of architectural and engineering ingenuity every component of the Solarbrella has been custom designed and manufactured to ensure aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Only the highest quality materials have been used.


  • The canopies are constructed of translucent architectural grade PVDFlacquered PVCcoated polyester fabric that is both waterproof and UV and stain resistant.
  • All aluminum components are constructed from the highest quality structural grade aluminum for a longer, low maintenance life.
  • Framework is powder-coated for a clean, polished finish and look.
  • Unique and innovative anti-jam geared mechanism makes opening and closing the canopy a breeze.
  • Low voltage cabling for up lights and down lights are channeled out of sight within the mast itself and the effects at night are stunning.
  • Wind ratings up to 112km/h are available and they are manufactured to QA Standard